Aurisonics Digital Hybrid IEM

Aurisonics Digital Hybrid In Ear Monitors

Aurisonics’ multiple-patent-pending Digital-Hybrid In-Ear monitors are the cutting edge in Digital In-Ear Audio.  The digital technology delivers full rich audio suitable for professional applications, while maintaining an affordability that allows the casual audiophile to access the technology as well.

Each unit’s custom designed massive 15 mm driver provides legendary bass response.  The placement of the driver and the full range capabilities and wide-band response of the dynamic driver remove the need for multiple drivers while still providing the sound depth and quality provided by costlier multi-driver monitors.

For an excellent value for the casual listener, we offer the Aurisonics ASG-1 with Custom-fit tips.  Be sure to also check out the fully custom AS-1 series as well, for an even better fit and advanced options such as Bass Response Tuning and Adjustable Ambient Noise pass through.

All models are currently only available in “frosted clear” shell and sport clear removable/replaceable cords with an recessed socket to prevent accidental damage to the connectors.  Also included is a waterproof Otterbox carrying case.


  • Recessed Connectors- Auriosonics AS-1 Series with comes with replaceable cords.  By recessing the connection, risk of accidental damage to the pins on the connectors.
  • Custom Fit-  All of our Aurisonics products include custom components for a great fit.  The ASG-1 features custom tips, improving the fit over generic ear-buds and helping block out outside noise.  As AS-1 models are fully custom, fitted to the shape of your ear.  Both customizations are made using ear impressions you make using our included home kit in the comfort of your own home.
  • Enlarged Sound Bore- The AS-1 models include an enlarged sound bore (opening), which prevents buildup in the tip of the unit.
  • Ambient Sound Port- In many situations, you need to hear some outside sounds for safety or to interact with others.  The Ambient sound port allows the AS-1 series to allow in just enough ambient sound to keep you aware of surroundings and nearby friends, family and co-workers.  In the AS-1a AS-1b models, the port is adjustable, allowing you to choose just how much sound to allow in, up to completely closing the Ambient Sound Port.
  • Custom Driver Placement- In all units with the Full Custom shape, the driver placement is customized to the best angle for delivery of sound to your specific ear.
  • Adjustable Bass- The AS-1b includes a bass adjustment dial on the unit itself, allowing you to dial in the exact bass response you prefer.


Feature Comparison:

Frequency Response 8Hz – 25kHz 8Hz – 25kHz
Impedance 30ohm +/- 10% @ 1kHz 30ohm +/- 10% @ 1kHz
Sensitivity 121db @ 1mw 121db @ 1mw
Driver 15 mm dynamic 15 mm dynamic
Cord Placement Over Ear Over Ear
Recessed Connector
Custom Fit Full Custom Full Custom
Enlarged Sound Bore
Ambient Sound Port Adjustable Adjustable
Custom Driver Placement
Adjustable Bass -
Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase

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